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5 Topics You Should Avoid To Have A Wonderful Date

Be An Interesting Partner In Conversation On Your First Date: Do’s And Don’ts

The circle of interests of each girl is different. The secret of finding the right topic of conversation is to carefully follow her mood. An unpleasant or not interesting topic can change the direction of the conversation in the wrong way. EmilyDates will tell you about 5 mistakes that men sometimes make on a date. Read on, as it's a chance to get acquainted, if not with the right person, just with an interesting person!

Talking about Ex

People often bring up their previous relationships on a date. As a result, the partner gets the impression that they’re not interested. It's an impression that's to be expected. Just don't talk about the ex, and that's all. After all, from the outside, it looks as if you brought your ex-partner on a date with you. The past is the past, and there’s no need to bring it into your new relationship.



Regardless of whether you have a lot of money or not, finance isn’t a topic for a first date. On top of that, it puts you in a very mercantile light, making you feel like money is the only thing you can be interested in. Bragging about your salary is also out of place. The only money-related topic you can bring up is the cafe bill, which you can share.


Politics can be a great topic for your long-term relationship. But when you bring it up on a first date, you leave yourself no chance. There are plenty of other interesting topics to help you express yourself. Stay away from this hot field unless you want to stop your date.


The first date isn’t the place and time to criticize the girl you invited. Critical remarks can be expressed only to a person you know well, and rather rarely and very tactfully. Don’t compare your partner to someone else, forget the phrases like "you act like her/my mom”. No woman wants to be compared in the first place!



Talking about future children on the first date is unacceptable. A girl who has just met a man doesn’t yet see him as a future husband. Even if a woman is ready to start a family, she certainly doesn't want to discuss it with a strange man, even if it's a nice one.

Personal issues, views, and characteristics

Besides exes and work, there are other topics that aren’t recommended to discuss when meeting with someone you don't know well. For example, health problems, religion, lack of justice, stress situations and crises, as well as any other reflections on the non-ideality of this world.

Be sure to pay attention to your gut feeling and the facial expressions of your counterpart: if you notice that she suddenly becomes strangely quiet, ask a question in a completely different direction. Follow the tips of EmilyDates and make an unforgettable impression on a chic woman on your first date!

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