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Find Out What Type Of A Woman Is Perfect For Your Date

Meet The Most Popular Women Behavior Types On A Date

It’s now very easy for men to meet women online. But it’s often difficult to find the right partner in the end. With so many women to choose from on dating sites, the question quickly arises: Which woman is right for you? Go through the investigation of EmilyDates and find out what type will suit you more!


This woman is the protagonist in her own fairy tale. Typical woman, she’s not always easy to see through — but she’s very attractive and fascinating. She has a clear idea in her head and likes it when everything goes according to plan. In return, everything in her environment is perfect: a perfectly furnished apartment, good taste, and a stylish appearance. This is a perfect type of girl if you don't want to be the center of attention.


Already during the online conversation she’ll share her plans about you. On your first date, this kind of girl has already planned your entire future life, and will literally cling to you. She’ll very quickly want to introduce you to her parents and friends. Be sure that you also will spend your time with a girl like this.



Men are so built that they know almost immediately when a girl is interested not in them but in their financial situation. And they can smell this falseness a mile away, trying to fence themselves off from such girls. Usually, already during the chatting, she’ll ask you a lot of questions about your financial status. Be careful if you realize that your wallet is her unique interest.

Good student

This girl is really smart and she’s a great partner in conversation. But she usually has no time. She’s also involved in every activity she can. Men like smart and interesting girls. But no man wants to be sillier than the pretty girl he wants to date. This kind of lady will usually start complicated and clever topics while chatting. You can enjoy a pleasant conversation with her, you should just find different topics that are interesting to both of you.

Talks too much

She’ll definitely talk more than you during your dates. She just wants to share everything she knows, especially about other people. Try to find out if she’s really interested in you and will just show you how open and communicative she is. She’ll be a perfect match if you’re an introvert.



Men like uncomplicated and easy-going women. These pleasant qualities are brought by types of women who usually also have a male social environment. The friendly type is relaxed but also knows when to counter the man. Already at the first meeting, you notice that you have the same sense of humor and can laugh about everything together. The mood is relaxed and anything but uptight or tense.

Finding the right partner often seems impossible. There are so many personas out there. To not lose your head in the search, you should keep your desired relationship in mind. With EmilyDates you can define what’s important to you and have a great date!

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