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How To Become A Girl Magnet And Take Online Dating To Another Level?

How To Attract A Girl You Truly Like Online?

Online dating is all the rage at the moment, and it's challenging to keep it out of sight, especially if you're single and looking for a potential life partner. While the first few steps towards the goal are basic – you create a profile with a platform and find a girl you like, the rest isn’t that simple. How do you approach the lady you like, or how do you make ladies that seem way out of your league fall for you? EmilyDates experts will reveal some practical tips and tricks for you to use as a weapon that rarely fails.

Online dating do's

It's not a secret that some things can't be applied to either online or offline dating. However, the number of do's prevails.

Start with yourself

The main issue that most people face when registering with a dating website for the first time is coming up with a catchy profile. You shouldn't lie on your profile to make it look more appealing, but you should choose the best ways to represent yourself. Stating your likes and interests in the profile will attract to you those people who are same-minded. Don't forget that your looks matter too, so posting the best and the most recent picture of you is a good thing too.


Come up with unique openers

The most challenging is to trigger the communication with the lady you like. Saying 'Hello, beautiful!" no longer works. So, you should come up with something more intriguing and irresistible. Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Be polite instead of cocky
  • Avoid the 'sexy', 'gorgeous', 'beautiful' clichés
  • Use proper grammar
  • Keep it short
  • Be funny and teasing
  • Don't get disappointed if she doesn't answer right away

Keep asking questions

EmilyDates experts believe that the shortest route to figure if the person fits you is to ask her about things that potentially interest you. However, you shouldn't be the one who does the talking, and she shouldn't be either. Keep the communication balanced and meaningful. What’s more, if you enquire about something, make sure you remember the response. If you ask the same thing twice or more, it shows how inattentive you are and repels girls off.


Online dating don'ts

There are things to avoid while working on your way to becoming a pro at online dating.

Avoid sexual innuendos

Anything overly sexual and explicit about your profile will keep the ladies off. The research shows that as many as 23% of users block people like that straight away. Even when you break the ice and start the communication, you shouldn't try to show off or make inappropriate remarks related to sex.

Don't be creepy

EmilyDates experts say that at times men don't even realize that some things sound creepy to women even though they're not intended to. So, to avoid scaring the girl off instead of attracting her, before you write something controversial, think if you'd write it to your friend or sister. In case you doubt, you shouldn’t. It's best to keep on the safe side and come up with something else to share.

Forget about your ex

Surely, you may already know that comparing your ex to the girl you're chatting with is a bad idea. However, some people choose to linger over the past experience and the pain caused for overly too long, and that looks anything but appealing from the lady's point. You're trying to build a fresh relationship here – so why sticking with the past?

All in all, attracting women online isn’t that much of a challenge these days. You should be genuine and open about yourself and your intentions. If you choose a bad boy's route and keep the communication vulgar and insulting, your chances will significantly drop. Try out your skills today and don’t forget about all the tips!

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