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Inviting The Lady Over To Your Place: Do’s And Don'ts To Watch Out For

How To Correctly Invite A Girl For A Visit?

No matter how exciting online dating can be, soon you’ll reach the point when it feels like seeing her next to you would be great. However, asking her out where other people are around you is different from inviting her to your house. First things first, the primary reason that hits the mind why you may want her at the house is to have sex. Yes, it’s a cliché, but your task is to make her think you’re different from other guys. EmilyDates experts have pointed out some general do’s and don’ts when it comes to such gentle and sensitive matters.

How do you invite a lady over?

Sounds easier said than done, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, the one thing to keep in mind is the state where both of you are at. After that, these tips will work like a charm!

Consider the logistics

One of the perks of online dating is that you can unite with a person from any location. Despite all the perks, planning a visit for a girl from another location is trickier than when it comes to a local meeting. If it takes her miles to cover to come over, you need to think about your fair share of contribution to the expenses involved. If she has a car – that’s great. In case she doesn’t, you may want to consider picking her up.

Share your thoughts


EmilyDates experts believe that no matter the logistics planned, it’d be no use if the lady is uninformed about the intentions. The research has it that as many as 69% of girls involved in a virtual relationship would love it to come and visit if the communication goes the right way. So, she may be waiting for the move, and sharing your thoughts with her is a great idea. If you’re afraid of being turned down – text her instead of calling. It’s usually easier to cope with a refusal this way.

Explain yourself

Of course, you need to make it quite clear as to why you’d like her to come over, no matter the outcome of the visit. Saying something sweet, as you miss her, may work. You can ask her out for a home-cooked meal or a backboard barbeque. Generally, anything even remotely romantic is proved to work.

Assure her safety

She may not show it, but if you’ve been communicating for a short period of time, she may have her doubts and fears. Masks aside – the internet is filled with all sorts of scary stories. Work on her trust and try to assure her of improved safety and protection when she’s with you as genuinely as you can.

Don’t pressure her

The first response you can get is, “I will think about it.” If she says so, that means she needs time to consider the offer with all the pros and cons related. However, you shouldn’t persist in asking her on a daily basis. This may build unnecessary pressure and work against you in the long term.


Show the appreciation

If she says “yes,” make sure that you show your genuine appreciation. She set her worries and agreed to your offer. If it’s the first time she does so, you shouldn’t take it for granted.

Things to avoid when trying to invite her over

Some specific phrases and events would dispel any desire to come over your place. They may differ in location, but there are 2 that stand out. They’re the following:

  • Netflix and chill – while the idea behind it may be harmless, the cliché represents it as a cheap move. The chances she’d reject the offer skyrocket.
  • Sex – you may think about it, and there may be an unspoken hint to the offer, but saying it plainly will either scare or madden any girl.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks on luring the lady into your burrow, the only thing left is finding the fittest option. EmilyDates has a reputation that precedes it. If you want to succeed with the search, you should consider the odds!

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