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Is It Too Early Or Too Late To Dive Into The Pool Of Online Dating?

What Is The Best Age For Online Relationships?

Has it ever occurred to you that you’re browsing your social media and can’t but get annoyed with all those sweetheart posts of people you know and those whom you don’t? You’re not alone! Being single is okay up until the point when you choose to turn things around. Not everyone knows it, but the online universe is where you should point your attention when you’re in search of a partner. Some people think that they’re too old for online dating, but the statistics beg to differ. You should operate the facts before finalizing your decision!

Male and female online app users’ average age

As many as every third person in the world is using an online dating service like EmilyDates in search of a partner. The statistics state the following:

  • Women go online looking for a match at the age of 21
  • 48-year old males have twice as many pursuers than 26-year old ladies
  • The average age for online dating for men starts at 33.8
  • Over 20% of committed relationships start online
  • 56% of women online seek older partners


Dismissing the stereotypes

One of the primary stereotypes discarded by EmilyDates is related to age difference but has 2 sides to it. It’s believed that mature men face the mid-life crisis and then hit the online dating road to find a hot but silly match. On the other hand, younger women view older men as their financial support source and nothing more. Well, there’s more to the matter, and the truth is rarely that simple.

Why do women prefer older men?

It’s no secret that ladies mature faster, is it? So, is it a genuine answer why most of them prefer mature men?

Mature men are experienced

Whether you like it or not, but the experience gained over the years isn’t that easy to ignore. The notion covers all the spheres starting with family budget planning and ending with bedroom affairs.

Mature men are stable

When it comes to stability, financial freedom is thought of in the first place. However, most leave the fact out that mature men are more mentally stable too. Thus, they can tolerate various life situations with a less emotional and more logical approach. Women are rarely fond of emotional breakdowns on the part of their men for no obvious reasons.

Mature men are family-oriented

No matter the trends, being a mother is encoded in almost every woman. It’s natural to seek a partner who can take proper care of the family and support it with all the means necessary. Men under 30 are usually afraid of such dedication and increased responsibility.


Why do mature men refuse women of the same age?

First things first – that’s not always the case. There are countless cases when online dating has brought up same-aged people together, and EmilyDates experts see nothing wrong about it.

Fresh experience

Just as every new year brings a revolution in one field or another, so can a younger woman do to a man’s life. Being busy with the career, a man may miss the positive changes and fun experiences that the world around him offers. With a younger woman at his side, these things become authentic and exciting revelations.

Emotional openness

The older women get, the less emotional they seem, at least on the surface. Missing the raw emotion and genuine reaction instead of a sarcastic or cynical response, mature men seek comfort among younger ladies.

A chance for a happy family

When a woman feels proper support and stability, she’s ready to start a family in most cases. It’s easier for younger women to get there, while mature women prefer the comfort of their own success and career.

To sum up, EmilyDates experts have it that every case is individual. No matter your reasons or preferences, you deserve a chance to be loved and appreciated. Who cares if it’s an older guy that you’re dating or a younger lady you decide to marry? All it takes is to find a reliable platform that will match you with your destiny!

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