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Main Traits To Show Off When You Want To Conquer Her Heart

What Do Women Like Most About Men They Fall For?

The list of opportunities and possibilities that online dating offers is genuinely impressive. Online websites like EmilyDates give single people all over the globe a chance to find one another and connect. However, before you choose to commit, you decide to explore things beyond appearance and sexual chemistry. Women are even more specific about that. Despite the difference in location, cultural background, and upbringing, most ladies point out the significant traits that their men should possess. Usually, they’re the same.

Glowing confidence

It’s not enough to pose confidently in your photos, although that affects the general impression too. The way you communicate should express your confidence, but it shouldn’t border with arrogance – not even close. The best way to show it off without actually boasting how confident you are is to gently proclaim that you know who you are and what you seek in life. Try not to belittle others, and it’ll affect your rating in a woman’s eyes.

Ensured trustworthiness

EmilyDates experts state that even if you don’t like something, you should find a way to express it in a gentle but non-argumentative manner. Such an approach will help a woman understand that you’re genuine and trustworthy. Being who you are can’t be escaped, and presenting a false image of a man you’re not will lead to painful failure.


Genuine compassion

Some men view compassion as a sign of weakness. However, in reality, empathy indicates that you’re a human being and have feelings too. In case you act like you’re utterly devoid of compassion, the lady you’re reaching out to will feel like she has no one to open up to since you can’t understand her.


You should remember a primary universal truth – a relationship without mutual respect is doomed. A passion is fleeting, while mutual respect and understanding, along with the ability to compromise, are the stone pillars of a healthy relationship. No matter how you personally feel about particular views or beliefs a lady shares, you shouldn’t try to mock or diminish them. If you love her, you’ll respect and accept them since they matter to her.

Good sense of humor

The world itself is a dark place at times. Loads of negativity that people undergo daily shouldn’t be brought into the relationship. That’s why a sound sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself when you deserve to be laughed at is disarming. When you share a good laugh together, the world seems a better place no matter what.


Reliable maturity

A woman who seeks a serious relationship rarely needs a child as a partner. Surely, acting silly from time to time is okay, but acting maturely in various life situations is a must. You should consider your emotional maturity along with mental maturity too. What does that mean? Women like those men who can conduct a sensible conversation when needed and make grown-up decisions when the need arises. Running away from even the slightest responsibility will indicate that you’re not ready for a committed relationship, that’s for sure.

As you can see, most women don’t ask too much of men. All it takes is to be there for her, comfort her, and make her laugh. Sometimes, the need for complicated decisions arises, and the better you can handle the situation, the more she’ll fall for you.

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