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Right Questions To Ask A Girl You Feel Connection With Before The Date

Expectations VS Reality: How To Find Out Everything About A Girl Online?

The advantages of online dating are difficult to underestimate. The choice of different dating platforms with hundreds of appealing female profiles is genuinely overwhelming. At first, you may think that finding the one you’re looking for is challenging, but wait until you’re ready for an actual date! EmilyDates experts have it that with all the excitement of an actual meeting, it’s easy to forget that you barely know the person, and there are precautions to take.

How do you find out she’s the only one?

Very often, the tips are oriented at the male population. Women are usually the ones asking all the questions, and men just keep up with the interrogation. If you belong to the category, it’s safe to say that the strategy is poor if you want the first date to smoothly transition into a second one and something far more serious than that.


Start asking questions

Surely, you have some matters that make you alert and some things you can’t tolerate when it comes to a relationship. So, it’s best to figure those things out before striking a meeting.

  • Ask about her hobbies – you don’t have to dive right into the pool of intimate and serious matters straight away. Enquiring about the hobbies, likes, and dislikes will give you a glance at how engaging she is in real life.
  • Ask her about the value of money – women who say that money doesn’t matter lie. There’s usually more to the subject than you can expect, and often, the strongest of bonds fail due to unexplored financial possibilities and attitude toward the matter.
  • Ask about the education – this may seem like a stereotype, but it’ll give you a better understanding of her background, upbringing, and potentially the view of the world she lives in.
  • Ask her about her life goal – people without goals prove to be more challenging to deal with. However, if she puts every single effort into gaining the set goal, there may be no time or place for you in her life. All come in moderation.
  • Ask about her views on family – it’s essential to know where you’re standing family-wise from the very beginning. It may be too late to find out that she doesn’t want children when you’re standing at the altar.


The pool of questions can go on and on depending upon your personality and your preferences and views on life. EmilyDates experts believe that you should ask and listen while sharing some essential information with the lady before deciding on a meeting. No matter the physical attraction and rush of adrenaline, you should keep your head cool if you’re serious in your search.

At times, communicating with different women at the same time will grant you the necessary perspective. However, you shouldn’t make promises to either girl you’re conversing with in such a case. In case you don’t know where to start from – the EmilyDates platform is where the lonely hearts are bound to find one another!

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